The control panel is the heart of the SmartLiving system. Inim offers 5 versions, all in metal enclosures: SmartLiving505, SmartLiving515 and SmartLiving1050 with housing for a 7Ah battery,and SmartLiving1050L and SmartLiving10100L with housing for a 17Ah battery. The vast application range of this system spans from just five terminals with the “505” version, to a hundred terminals with the “10100” version. The five control panel models are certified EN50131-3 Grade 3 and EN50131-6 Grade 2. There are three certified Grade 3 (“G3”) models also for EN50131-6 certification

Innovative BUS technologies

A particularly interesting feature is the new concept of “terminals” attributable to FlexO technology. This concept revolutionizes the static perspective of inputs and outputs and provides the installer with a more adaptable approach to system customization and what is more, a different perception of in-stock needs.

Application of Easy4U technology provides installers and end users alike with all the advantages of an uncomplicated yet effective interface.

The innovative concept of “shortcuts” makes system control effortless and greatly simplifies system programming, which is fully piloted by this straightforward interface.

Inim’s new-generation I-BUS is the backbone of the SmartLiving system. The I-BUS is capable of of transmitting at an extremely high speed, unmatched in this market segment.

The performance capabilities of the I-BUS have been utilized in such a way as to allow it to manage complex topologies, provide fast-load-insensitive response and end-to-end noise immune voice transmissions, all without need of any extra wiring.

Thus, from this new-generation bus came VoIB technology for voice over bus transmissions. The I-BUS allows the SmartLiving system to grow in accordance with installation needs. The bus accepts proximity readers, keypads with graphic displays, input/output expansions, wireless transceivers, GSM diallers and sounderflashers. The SmartLiving system is capable of enrolling all the bus peripherals automatically, thus further smoothing the process of system configuration. The I-BUS can be protected, sectioned and regenerated by means of IB100 bus isolators/regenerators

System functions, features and options

The control panel can be enhanced with a SmartLogos board. As a result of VoIB technology, this board provides a vast assortment of advanced voice functions which make the SmartLiving system a breakthrough product in the sector of intrusion control. The matrix is the brain of the system and allows the correlation of the actions and events the system manages. Each of the system events can be associated with output actions, voice dialler actions and digital dialler actions. The system can be accessed by user codes and proximity keys/cards. It is possible to associate each code/key/card with one of the Weekly Timers which can then be programmed to enable/disable it at certain times of the day. The smartLiving system can be configured as a “hybrid” system in view of the fact that it is capable of managing both hardwired and “Air2” wireless peripherals. This type of configuration allows it to integrate the new-generation wireless capabilities provided by the “Air2” two-way transceiver. The excellence of connection flexibility offered by the SmartLiving system is yet another of its strongpoints. The system offers an all-set-to-go Voice dialler and a likewise friendly Digital dialler that readily satifies all the requirements of alarm receiving centres. Additionally, if you wish to provide the system with an alternative communication channel over the GSM network, simply install Nexus. This innovative GSM device manages voice and digital communications, receives SMS commands and sends programmable SMS messages when specific events occur.

The SmartLAN/SI and SmartLAN/G boards offer a level of connection flexibility which is unparalled. These boards provide TCP/IP connectivity and allow the intrusion control panel to send e-mails and attachments. They allow end users/operators to access the system via the Internet and provide a web-server function. The latter allows end users/operators to connect to the control panel from any PC and verify the status of the system and interact with it. The web-server, embedded in the SmartLAN/G, also allows users/operators to use their Smartphones as SmartLiving wireless keypads, both inside the protected premises, via WiFi, or from any part of the world over GPRS. The web server offers advanced features such as customizable interactive graphic maps, or the possibility to access ONVIF video verification functions. In addition, all SmartLiving control panels are ready for Cloud connectivity. Through the use of a device as Nexus/G and/or SmartLAN/G or SmartLAN/SI, the SmartLiving panels can access to the revolutionary Inim Cloud service, which allows advanced management functionalities via the web.

The connection of the control panels to the Cloud is “plug ‘n play”, that means that they do not require any configuration on the network on which they are installed. In this way all the control panel management is easily accessible from the web via browser and via app AlienMobile+ for smartphone and tablet. The control panel can be programmed from any LCD keypad or via a PC running SmartLeague software. Programming from an LCD keypad is quick and easy, as it is possible to use the default settings which completely eliminate the need to configure the parameters of the Voice dialler and Digital dialler. This programming method is very straightforward, as the operator is guided through the process by means of explicit graphics and easily understandable visual instructions.Configuring the system from a PC is totally trouble free, as it is mainly a series of cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop operations which reduce the operators work to a minimum. SmartLeague software provides an innovative Text-to-speech function which allows operators to create voice messages by merely typing-in the relative text. This function eliminates all the difficulties attached to normal voice recording. The high-speed RS232 port reduces local on-site programming to a split-second task.