Fire Stop Extinguisher


Fire Stop Extinguisher


Nasca Fire Stop Extinguisher

Portable Foam extinguisher



1. Impregnate around minor fire whatever their cause, so as to avoid flame expansion.

2. Extinguish minor fire. Itis non-toxic, environmentally safe and ozone friendly.

3. Charge with aqueous film-forming extinguishing and employ nitrogen as driving gas.

4. Used to put out fires of solid organic matter, oil, flammable liquid gas in the initial stage (not applicable for electric facilities).

5. Easy to operate and enjoys high fire-fighting efficiency and long term storage.

6. Widely used in plants warehouses, institutions, schools, marketplaces, hotels, vehicles, vessels, etc.

7. The most striking feature is that it can put out fire on precision instrument and without leaving any traces.

550ml Foam Fire Extinguisher FIRE STOP widely used in plants warehouses, institutions, schools,office, marketplaces, hotels,vehicles, vessels, etc



Flame retardant: carbon dioxide.

Effective injection time: 3 years

Storage temperature: 10°C to 45°C